The colorful sunsets from the top of the Great Smoky Mountains is worth waiting for to watch. It is so mesmerizing to see the painted skies, that you would not want to miss it !!

the sunset at smoky mountains

My Trip Details:

  1. Where I stayed:
  2. How much did it cost: (300 approx)
    • Road trip – so approx $400 (shared by 3)
    • Cabin stay : $600 -700 approx for 3 nights 4 days (shared 5 people and a doggo)
    • Food and Drinks:  easily accessible nearby restaurants.
  3. When is the best time to go?
    • I went in September. Good time to go – June to Fall
  4. More things to do:

See for yourself.

More pictures below from :

america-Smoky mountains
Smoky mountains

america-Smoky mountainsmorning-after-276010_1920 (1)tennessee-2340310_1920landscape-2242864_1920




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